Take back control of your heating with energy efficient electric radiators

Electric storage heaters

One of the biggest bug bears that we encounter for many of our customers is not having enough control over their heating.

This is particularly prevalent with old night storage heaters, which are often inherited with a property and tend to come with little to no instructions, therefore it becomes a struggle to work out how to use them properly. With only an input and output dial, which if not set up correctly, waste much of the heat that has been stored at a time when it’s not usually needed.

Back in the day, night storage heaters were deemed to be the best solution to heat homes that were off gas and therefore reliant on electricity, but have sadly now become outdated, inefficient, bulky hunks of metal providing very little heat. And it goes without saying that they can be very expensive to run if not used correctly.

On the other hand, gas and oil heating systems are a little easier to use and generally come with a room thermostat that controls the temperature in the whole of the home, based on the air temperature circulating around the house. Unfortunately, many thermostats are programmed incorrectly meaning that rooms are being heated unnecessarily, increasing the cost of annual energy bills.

Easy Control and Flexibility with Elkatherm 

Here at North West Heating Solutions, we supply and install Elkatherm electric heating systems that are not only energy efficient, but easily controllable too, just the way you need it to be.  Each of our German engineered radiators is fitted with its own thermostat, so every room can be controlled individually.  No more heating rooms that are not being used, not only saving valuable energy but money too!

User Friendly Heating Controls

Whatever way you prefer to control your heating, we have the answer.  With a choice of 3 different controls, our heating systems have proved time and time again they are the most user friendly and effective, providing heat on demand 24/7.


Our digital control is located on the side panel of the radiator and therefore allows you to simply and easily programme the days of the week, along with the time and the temperature you prefer for each individual room.  Once you have set up the programme, you can sit back and relax as the heater will run the selected programmes you have set.


Our industry leading SmartApp allows you to control your heating from the touch of a button via your smartphone, laptop or tablet making it the most intelligent wi-fi control system on the market. Each radiator can be individually controlled when you are at home or from anywhere in the world, so it makes it very popular with customers who are landlords or have holiday lets, as you can access the system 24 hours a day. The SmartApp can even monitor the usage of each radiator, therefore letting you know the exact running costs.

And if that’s not enough, all of the Elkatherm heaters from North West Heating Solutions are EU Lot 20 Ecodesign compliant and meet the energy efficiency standards, as they have the ability to be both time and temperature controlled.