Thermal store for hot water

Given that the majority of our home energy usage goes towards producing heat, Sunamp provides you with a more compact, more cost effective, low carbon solution to heating your hot water.

Our thermal heat store can be charged using any energy source. You can off-set peak energy costs by charging your thermal heat store with cheaper off-peak electricity, or divert energy from your solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. Once charged, the heat can be released instantly when needed, delivering hot water during peak times.

As a unique ERP A+ rated system and available sizes and capacities to perfectly suit you exact hot water requirements and specific property size.

Who buys Sunamp?

People wanting a more sustainable lifestyle

Housing developers wanting minimal space solutions for hot water

People living in property with low water pressure

Bespoke self-build properties

People wanting to replace old dated systems

People wanting instant hot water using minimal power

People generating their own power

Housing Associations with legal responsibilities for water supply