Summer is the BEST time to change your heating

Installing a new heating system during the summer months may not sound obvious at first, but it does have many benefits.

  1. Convenience

    Replacing your existing heating system will always seem a little daunting to most of us and therefore it tends to get neglected until the often-forgotten cold weather returns or even worse, it breaks down. Now imagine if you started thinking about the process when the time was right for you, rather than having the decision made for you. Changing your heating during the summer months puts you in control and you can start the process at a time and pace that is convenient for you and that fits in with your lifestyle. At North West Heating Solutions, our team of skilled heating engineers and surveyors will book a time suitable for you to visit your home to discuss your heating requirements and carry out a FREE, comprehensive survey. During this time, we will check room sizes, insulation levels, glazing and will also assess the electrics, to ensure that we specify a heating system that meets your property’s requirements.

  2. Time

    As with everything in your home, there are always choices to be made and this is no different with a new heating system. Our energy efficient radiators are available in a vast range of sizes and being genuinely slim-line, are a perfect fit even in the most awkward of spaces. Whether you need a tall vertical radiator or a low level one for under a window, you’ll have the time to choose the size that is tailored to suit each room in your home, including bathrooms and conservatories. And with a choice of over 200 stunning colours, you can concentrate on getting the colour scheme just right.

  3. Delivery and Installation

    Winter months for us here at North West Heating Solutions, as you can imagine, are extremely busy, so it would make sense to choose a time during those warmer months when our sales team and heating engineers can offer you a much quicker installation date.  And as the heaters are manufactured in Germany, the delivery times, even on custom colours, are much shorter. You can sit back and relax, pick an installation date that is convenient for you, safe in the knowledge that your new heating will be sorted and you will be cosy and snug once those nights start drawing in.

  1. Freezing Temperatures

    So, you have the upheaval of replacing your old wet system or bulky night storage heaters. That coupled with the thought of all that potential mess and possible re-decorating, do you really want to be doing all of that in freezing temperatures as well? Whilst this isn’t entirely accurate, as we can replace and install your new energy efficient heating system usually in one day with no mess or fuss, it’s still a much nicer prospect to carry out any work in your home when the sun is shining.

  1. Saving You Money

    With energy prices at an all-time high, the cost of heating your home may be soaring out of control. Fortunately, due to an advanced design that ensures maximum heat distribution, with no cold spots, these efficient heaters can be used as you wish 24 hours a day, providing heat on demand all day and night if required, so you could be saving money sooner rather than later.

ACT NOW and be ready for Winter!

Don’t wait for the cold weather to set in before you start to think about making changes to your heating system. If you have suffered with outdated night storage heaters or possibly thinking about moving away from fossil fuels, North West Heating Solutions can provide a cost effective and energy efficient electric heating solution.

Much of our work is in removing and replacing old inefficient and difficult to control night storage heaters, but as we strive towards clean and environmentally friendly heating systems, we are seeing more and more customers also switching from oil and LPG heating. It is true that electric is fast becoming the fuel of the future.

Summer is the perfect time to upgrade your outdated, inefficient heaters, so you’ll have a heating system in your home, working perfectly whenever the weather takes a turn for the worse.