Solar PV Water Heating With Sunamp

If you are wondering if you can use your solar PV for heating water you would be right.

Solar PV water heating is a great use of surplus energy from your solar panels. Sunamp UniQ heat batteries help you achieve this. It uses the surplus energy created by the solar panels to charge its phase change material. This stored heat energy is then released on demand to provide beautiful clean hot water throughout your home. Sunamp UniQ offers great flexibility allowing you to combine the power from your solar PV with other energy sources allowing you to create the best system for you.

Option 1 – Solar PV & Mains Electricity

This option takes the surplus energy from your solar PV panels to charge the Sunamp UniQ, it also has an electrical element connected to the mains electric feed that you can charge from. Pair this option with a Smart Off-Peak tariff and you can really minimise your water heating costs

Option 2 – Solar PV & Other Heat Sources

Again use any energy produced by your solar panels to charge the Sunamp unit. Then when the sun doesn’t shine your other heat sources such as the boiler or high temperature heat pump can take over. Combining these heat sources means your Sunamp UniQ is always charged and ready to deliver fresh hot water on demand throughout your home.

Super compact Sunamp UniQ maximises available storage space.

Solar PV & Sunamp Water Heating
Solar PV Water Heating Sunamp UniQ Range