Impact Of Office Temperature On Productivity

In 1992 Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulations advised a minimum temperature in a workplace should be approximately 16 degrees. Although this is only a guideline an employer is responsible for providing comfortable conditions for their employees to work in.

Keeping everyone at a comfortable temperate in the office however can seem like a daily battle. After several office moves ourselves we know that heating probably isn’t top of your list when looking at office space. Location for staff and customers, broadband speed and rates are probably much higher up your list of considerations. It’s only once you’ve moved in you realise its not the most comfortable place to be, but what impact does this actually have on productivity and wellbeing of your team?

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Research Into Optimal Office Temperature

Research by Carnell University found that keeping workers warm made them work better, when employees were exposed to colder temperatures they made more mistakes. The study suggests that cooler temperatures could increase labour costs by up to 10%. During the month long study they increased the temperature from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to 77 degrees, cutting typing errors by 44% and increased typing output by 150%. 

Pretty amazing but if you think about it, it makes sense for a start if its cold I know i’m less productive in a day as i’m reaching for the kettle a lot more.