Heating your business efficiently with electric radiators

Do you own a business with an office, warehouse, showroom or shop floor? Are you in need of heating that is cost-effective for you as well as comfortable for your staff and customers? creating comfortable environment for your employees and customers not only boosts productivity in the workplace but also keeps your potential customers in the showroom for longer. But heating your business efficiently with electric radiators can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It might be tempting to buy cheap plugin heaters as a quick solution. However, these cheap heaters might be low in cost at the checkout but they are very expensive to run, drawing high amounts of power. They usually have cheap thermostats, that are inaccurate and lead to over and under heating. This, not only leaves the room an uncomfortable temperature but also leaves an uncomfortably high electricity bill.

ELKAtherm Electric Radiators

Our ELKAtherm Electric Radiators are an ideal solution for most businesses. Perfect for small, medium and large offices, shop floors and if you’re looking to heat a warehouse or large room then our dual-core radiators are perfect for that also.

ELKAtherm radiators are visibly elegant and slim-line in their design, making them look great and a lovely addition to any business.  But, more specifically, it is the way in which they are designed and constructed that makes them work with such efficiency. The ribbed and fluted structure is engineered to generate a much larger surface area; five times to be exact. Learn More

With our FREE home survey you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure they are warm and have an electric heating system which is easy for them to use and offers low running costs.  Therefore, in order to do this, we offer a free home survey that includes our heating surveyor checking room sizes, insulation levels, glazing and will also assess the electrics, to ensure that we specify a heating system that meets your property’s requirements.