What Size Electric Boiler Do I Need?

With hot water consuming 19% of the average household’s electricity bill, it’s vital that you choose the right size electric boiler for your needs. If your electric boiler is too small, it won’t provide enough hot water for your home. If your electric boiler is too large, it will cost you more on your energy bills. The size of the property and your hot water requirements will determine the size and type of electric boiler you require.

How Efficient Are Electric Boilers?

Even an A-rated gas boiler wastes around 10% of the energy in its flue, and additional heat may be lost through the pipes. Electric boilers are considered around 99% efficient, as they turn all the electricity they use into heat. Despite electric boilers being extremely efficient, they often have a low Energy related Products (ErP) score. This is because the process of producing electricity often involves burning fossil fuels, which creates harmful carbon dioxide. However, if you run your electric boiler using renewable energy sources, you will not be producing any harmful carbon emissions. Integrating an electric boiler with a solar PV system, a well-insulated home and 100% renewable tariff will provide you with an extremely efficient, sustainable solution.

How To Size An Electric Boiler

Similar to gas boilers, electric boilers are sized on the energy output (kilowatts), as opposed to the physical size of the boiler. The higher the energy output, the more taps it can supply. Electric boilers usually have a much lower power output than that of oil or gas boilers, making them suitable for smaller homes, apartments and flats. Our team of heating experts will specify the correct sized electric water heating system for your needs, taking away any confusion and making your step to joining the renewable generation easy.

Is My House Too Big For An Electric Boiler?

Electric boilers are best suited to smaller homes and flats, as they can’t meet the high hot water demands of larger properties. We recommend installing a Sunamp Thermino heat battery in properties needing large quantities of hot water. When you book a free home survey with Northwest Heating Solutions, our heating engineers will help you decide which heating system will best suit your needs.

Electric Boilers Available With Northwest Heating Solutions

Northwest Heating Solutions are specialists in ultra-modern and efficient electric heating. We’re proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader for our high standards of customer service, value and quality, and our NAPIT accredited installers work to a no mess, no fuss policy when fitting your stylish new heating system.

Our range of electric boilers can be sited anywhere within the property, as they don’t require a flue. There is no need to replace existing pipework, and there’s no risk of carbon monoxide emission or gas leak. Featuring a stylish touchscreen for easy operation, our electric boilers are near silent in operation as there are very few moving parts. They require minimal servicing, and no annual safety certificate is required. When paired with a 100% renewable tariff, our electric boilers offer carbon free heating.

For homes where an electric boiler would not supply enough hot water, a Sunamp Thermino is the ideal solution. Sunamp heat batteries deliver mains pressure hot water on demand with superb efficiency. Packed with modern electric water heating technology, Sunamp heat batteries are ultra compact, need little or no maintenance, and can be charged using an off-peak energy tariff, or divert energy from solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. They are perfect for those conscious about reducing carbon emissions, reducing or eliminating gas usage and controlling energy bills.

With Sunamp you can benefit from either standard or off-peak tariffs to charge your system, or divert energy from solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. Sunamp heat batteries need little or no maintenance, so there’s no need for costly annual servicing or inspections. They don’t hold water like a tank, which vastly reduces the risk of a catastrophic failure.

Our team of heating experts will specify the correct electric water heating system for your needs when visiting for your free home survey, and our installation team will install your new hot water system safely & professionally. Contact us or call us today to book on 01244 371 445.