A Hot Water Systems Guide

The water heater in your home plays a huge role in your everyday life, and finding the right hot water solution can be confusing. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

How Much Are Hot Water Systems?

Replacing your water heating system involves a range of variables that affect the final project cost. For over a century, water heaters with tanks have been the industry standard. They store the hot water in large tanks, and can run on electricity, propane, fuel oil or gas. Tankless water heaters have been rising in popularity over the last few decades. They provide an unlimited supply of hot water on demand by heating it as it flows through, rather than storing water in a tank and using energy to keep it hot. Tankless systems can be powered by gas or electricity.

The size of the water heater also affects the cost of the project. Water heating systems are usually available in 70L, 150L, 210L and 300L capacities. Be sure to choose a unit that will supply enough hot water for your household’s needs.

The majority of the installation work can be performed by a plumber, however, if you require major electrical work such as adding a new circuit or converting from gas, you’ll also need to hire an electrician. If you are moving the water heater to a new location or converting your system to a different power source, this will significantly add to the length of time taken to complete the job and may even require you to hire additional workers, such as carpenters. You should also consider the costs of removing your current system, adding a new gas line if required, and any decorating work post installation.

Which Hot Water System Is Best?

The best hot water solutions are ones that provide water on demand, ensuring that you only heat the water that you need, reducing energy waste and helping you save money on your energy bills.

Sunamp Thermino thermal batteries make homes more energy efficient and sustainable by efficiently storing heat to deliver instant hot water at mains pressure when needed, whilst reducing carbon emissions. The Thermino electrical water heating range maximises the use of renewable energy by catering for a wide range of energy sources. They can be charged by solar photovoltaics (PV), heat pumps, grid electricity and boilers. The batteries are up to four times smaller than the equivalent hot water cylinder, and require no mandatory annual maintenance. The sleek, super compact design means they’ll look great in any home and free up valuable storage space.

Sunamp Thermino batteries contain a high-performance phase change material (PCM), which stores energy as heat and releases it when and where it’s needed. It stores up to four times more energy than water, and at a lower cost and higher efficiency than other battery technologies. Unlike electrical batteries, the phase change material in a Sunamp Thermino does not use any hazardous or toxic materials, and does not create any end-of-life disposal issues. Sunamp is the only thermal battery manufacturer in the world to be awarded RAL Certification, the only global standard for phase change material and PCM products. This award confirms performance of the phase change material with no noticeable degradation to 10,000 cycles in the Thermino heat battery – the equivalent of over 13 years daily use. Sunamp’s own testing has so far confirmed failsafe performance to over 40,000 cycles, comparable to over 50 years of continuous use.

How To Install A Hot Water Heater

We recommend that hot water systems should always be installed by a professional, to ensure the installation is carried out safely.

Hot Water System Solutions from Northwest Heating Solutions

Northwest Heating Solutions are specialists in ultra-modern and efficient electric heating. We’re proud to be a Which? Trusted Trader for our high standards of customer service, value and quality, and our NAPIT accredited installers work to a no mess, no fuss policy when fitting your stylish new heating system.

Hot water alone consumes 19% of the average household’s energy bill. With Sunamp you can benefit from either standard or off-peak tariffs to charge your system, or divert energy from solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. Sunamp heat batteries need little or no maintenance, so there’s no need for costly annual servicing or inspections. They don’t hold water like a tank, which vastly reduces the risk of a catastrophic failure.

Sunamp heat batteries deliver mains pressure hot water on demand with superb efficiency. Packed with modern electric water heating technology, Sunamp heat batteries are ultra compact, need little or no maintenance, and can be charged using an off-peak energy tariff, or divert energy from solar PV, heat pumps or other renewable sources. They are perfect for those conscious about reducing carbon emissions, reducing or eliminating gas usage and controlling energy bills.

Our team of heating experts will specify the correct size Sunamp for your needs when visiting for your free home survey, and our Sunamp Approved installation team will install your new hot water system safely & professionally.