Costly Energy Bills

Heating your holiday home can be expensive, even more so when there is nobody living in it. Most often you may find yourself switching your heating off altogether during the winter season to avoid costly energy bills, only to find you have suffered burst pipes and leaks, causing substantial water damage. Otherwise you find yourself wastefully heating your home throughout the warmer months. If either of these ring true, then we may have the solution you have been looking for.

Complete Control at your Fingertips

North West Heating Solutions can now give you the power to take complete control of your heating, even when you are not at home. The latest SmartApp technology is designed to work in harmony with their German engineered ELKAtherm electric heating system.  This intuitive control system means that you can adjust the heating at any time, wherever you are in the world, with the system being easily operated from many devices including PC, tablet or Android handset.

Central and Intelligent Heating Management

Each radiator has an intelligent thermostat that can be individually set by room to any temperature you specify.  North West Heating Solutions say that their SmartApp has been cleverly designed to automatically monitor room temperature so that the radiators can switch themselves on and off so that you only pay for the heat when you need it.

There is no more guesswork either, as this unique piece of technology can also measure the consumption of each radiator so you can easily see the exact running cost of your heating.  Electric heating has never been so efficient or cost effective to run!