Maximise Your Space

Having a conservatory fitted to your home provides an extra room for you to relax or entertain, therefore, you should have the added benefit of being able to use this valuable space all year round.

As with many conservatories, they are ideal for use during the summer months, effortlessly retaining a lot of the heat that is generated, most certainly on warmer days.

All Year Round Comfort

With their structure being mainly glass and with high ceilings, conservatories tend therefore to have unique heating requirements.  Heat loss through double glazed conservatory windows is known to escape eight times faster than through a conventional cavity wall. This means that during those cold, winter months, the majority of conservatories are left empty, with that extra space being completely wasted.

With the help of North West Heating’s latest electric heaters, you can now enjoy your conservatory 365 days of the year and, more importantly, on those days when it is too cold to go outside.

Ceramic Core Technology

Our energy efficient electric radiators use advanced ceramic core technology. The special fireclay material at the heart of our system means that the radiators heat up very quickly so you can be guaranteed of a reliable heat source you can depend on.

This advanced core is also much more slimline than its older relatives at just 20mm deep or 40mm for areas that need high heat output but have low wall space. This core has also been tested for its water resistance. A water-resistant core gives protection against the UK’s cold damp climate.

Tailored to Suit Your Lifestyle

Each radiator has an individual, accurate, thermostatic control, giving you the benefit of all year round comfort.

With a range of custom sizes and being genuinely slim-line, these energy efficient electric heaters are perfect to fit under even the lowest windows and with a huge range of colours, they can blend well with your existing décor.