Electric Towel Rail Radiators

At North West Heating Solutions we specialise in finding the right electric heating product for the job. That’s why we have introduced Fondital Electric Towel Rail Radiators. Many of our customers with electric heating don’t want a radiator in the bathroom due to lack of space and only being able to hang towels on additional hooks. Other electric towel rails on the market didn’t present a good option either very low power and little or no control over time or temperature.

Our NEW Fondital eCool range of electric towel rail radiators overcome these issues offering fantastic time and temperature controlled electric heating solution for your bathroom giving you a great space to warm towels and an impressive 700w to pack enough punch to make your bathroom a warm cosy place to be.


5 Years on Aluminium Body & 2 Years on Electronic Components


Manual or Digital Controls To Choose From


High Comfort & Energy Saving