Electric Storage Heaters In 2019

Electric storage heaters have been around in excess of 40 years. The concept back then seemed like a good one. Box up exergy the powerstations produce when demand is low and use for heating.  In 2019 are Electric Storage Heaters still a relevant technology? The answer is not in it’s traditional form. Unfortunatley these big lumps don’t really match out modern lifestyle and drive for efficiencies.

Electric storage heaters

Electric Storage Heaters Disadvantages

  • Heat from the overnight charge cannot be contained.

Electric storage heaters lose heat as they charge due to poor insulation. When storage heaters were first release in the late 1950’s asbestos was used to contain their heat. Asbestos was more effective at retaining heat than todays materials probably making the unit more efficient.

  • Electric storage heaters release heat regardless of whether it is needed or not.

Storage heaters charge at night as a result you home will be warmest first thing in the morning. This also means if out in the day you will be heating an empty home.

  • Most electric storage heaters only able to give heat when charged.

You can’t forget to set your storage heater or set it too low. This could mean you would be left with not enough or no heat the following day.

  • Confusion on controls

Input and output settings on a storage heater confusing.

  • Storage heater sizing can be difficult.

Sizing a heater too big can lead to excessive running cost and require a large floor area. In contrast a storage heater which is too small will need supplementary heating.

  • Bulky & unattractive

In order to produce the amount of heat required storage heaters are large. Furthermore they are an eyesore in the property.

  • Fan-assisted models

Some newer storage heaters have a fan assist which allow heat to be given out later in the day. These models of heaters require two electrical feeds. The electric used for the fan boost is charged at premium rate making it expensive. Fan assisted electric heating is also not great for your health especially anybody with respiratory issues. This is because the fan dries the air and pushes dust particles around the room. Another issue is dry air requires a high temperature to give a comfortable heat.

Electric Storage Heating – A Modern Alternative

The UK saw a massive boom throughout the 1980’s in gas central heating as our national gas network increased. Electric and storage heating became an outdated dinasour only seen in off gas areas or apartment buildings. Despite this there is still a high number of homes coping with electric storage heating technology. The solution to this has come from the continant in Germany where they rely much less on mains gas and have concentrated in developing electric heating technology to make it much more efficient and sustainable.

German Electric Storage Heating

Electric storage heaters

Germany are renowned for the very finest in engineering. Look at cars or kitchens and you can see the Germans lead the way in design and technology. The same can be said for electric storage heating. A modern version of a storage heater that takes all the good ideas of storage heating and gets rid of all the disadvantages.

At North West Heating Solutions we supply and fit ELKAtherm® electric storage heaters. ELKAtherm® have a proud manufacturing background in electric heating stretching over 60 years. We have tried and tested other modern electric storage heaters in the market even other German brands. We firmly believe that the ELKAthem® model is superior in terms of quality and performance. From the build quality of the unit to the advanced fire clay core. Highlighted below are a number of key features that make the ELKAtherm® heater top of it’s class.

Benefits of German Electric Storage Heaters

  • Slimline Storage Design

ELKAtherm® electric storage heaters standard range are just 8cm deep and give a great modern sleek look.

  • Advanced Fire Clay Core

The core of our ELKAtherm® heaters are fantastic quality. The manufacturer is so confident of this that the core of the heater is guaranteed for 25 years. This is because of the high grade materials used to embed the element. The high density ELKAtherm® block is non-porous so that moisture does not reach the element.

  • Embedded Element

ELKAtherm® embed the element into the advanced fire clay core which gives direct heat transfer. The block heats in just minutes giving you a warm room without relying on an overnight charge

Because ELKAtherm® radiators have a storage core they retain heat very effectively as a result the running of the heater is very good only drawing electricity to top up the core temperature rather than constantly draining power.

  • Fluted design

ELKAtherm® electric storage heaters have a deeply fluted design that draws cool air up over the core of the heater and naturally convects warm air out of the top. Natural convection doesn’t dry the air and good convection means no cold spots within the room.

  • Easy Thermostatic Control

Each ELKAtherm® storage heater is thermostatically time and temperature controlled therefore can maintain the temperature you want at the time you want

  • Maximum Heat Distribution

As well as natural convection the deeply fluted design gives maximum radiated heat as well. Keeping you comfortable and cosy.

ELKAtherm® Electric Storage Heater Production


Electric heating specified correctly will give you maximum efficiency and save you money on running costs that’s why we carry out an on-site survey. To back this up you can trust us to keep you warm as our electric heating comes with a 200-day warmth promise!

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