Our Energy Efficient Electric Radiators

Efficiency, value, controllability and looks are probably pretty high on your list when exploring new electric radiator solutions.

ELKATHERM® German electric radiators tick all those boxes and that’s why we use ELKATHERM® at North West Heating Solutions. Our system gives you quality German engineering from one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in modern electric storage heating technology.

Electric radiators provide stylish, highly controllable heating for any space in your home – that’s why our energy efficient electric radiators come in lots of shapes and sizes, as well as a huge range of colours to choose from.

Standard Radiators

Our Standard Radiators  come in 5 sizes and are an ideal replacement for your old night storage heaters. The perfect electric radiator solution to any room in your house.

Compact Radiators

Our Compact Radiators offer the perfect solution to rooms in your home with large windows and low walls. We typically install these heaters in conservatories.

Ultra Compact Radiators

The Ultra Compact Radiators are designed to heat rooms with floor to ceiling windows and small spaces. With a height of just 24cm they’re also perfect for under pews in Churches.

Tall Radiators

The Tall Radiators with a height of 122cm are designed to heat places such as kitchens and bathrooms where a tall vertical look suits the room, these offer a stylish contemporary look.

Dual Core Radiators

The Dual Core Radiators are designed to heat rooms with limited wall space or a requirement for extra power. With two banks of heat core and three banks of flutes they are most capable indeed.

Our Guarantee

25 years guarantee for fireclay stones with moulded-in heating elements.

4 years for all other electronic components.

ELKATHERM® is one of the few manufacturers who subject their devices to extensive VDE testing.

The VDE tests the electrotechnical safety.

The tests comply with globally recognised standards, testing and control procedures.