Electric Pew Heating

After working with several churches, we wanted to offer even more to the market. We had successfully installed energy efficient electric heating. Giving our customers congregations warmth and good running costs for the church. As a result we discovered that electric pew heating is very popular within churches so looked at how we could meet this need.

By positioning heating under the pews radiant heat is concentrated in the areas where your congregation are. Churches are often vast spaces therefore to maximise the efficiency and benefit from the system the design needs to be right.

Our ELKAtherm® electric pew heating gives a fantastic way to heat your church. We offer a FREE survey that includes our heating surveyor checking room sizes, insulation levels, glazing and will also assess the electrics, to ensure that we specify a heating system that meets your requirements.

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Electric Pew Heating

Low Height Double Core Electric Heating Allowing Under Pew Installation

For electric under pew heating installations we use our ultra-low height range. The low height of 23cm means it is perfect for fitting underneath the church pews. It also allows enough space for the convected heat to be circulated out of the top of the heater.

Because the space is limited under a pew, we also install a double core. This gives maximum heat output from the limited space.

Electric Pew Heating – Bespoke Colour Match

ELKAtherm® offer electric heating in over 200 RAL colours. So where aesthetics are important you can be sure we will have a colour to match or compliment your church.

Colours can truly make a job check out this colour match on some wood panelling on a heating installation up in the lake district.

Electric Pew Heating Time and Temperature Controlled.

All our heating is time and temperature controlled. You can decide exactly when and how much heat from the heaters.

You can even control your under pew heating via an app system. This has been very popular on church installations. Customers Like to be able to co-ordinate the heating with different activities taking place within the church.

Fixed or Portable Installation of Electric Pew Heating

We offer a number of different fixing options from wall mounted to legs and castors. The castors on the pew heaters allow you move heaters depending on the activity. Most of our church customers opt for a combination of both.

Find Out More About Heating Your Church And Under Pew Installations

At North West Heating Solutions we always survey. One of our engineers will visit you to discuss your requirements and work with you to design a heating system that suits your church.

We can provide electric under pew heating or standard sized heaters. There are so many different options you can be assured we have one that will suit.

Fill in the form below or call our office on 01244 371445 for more information on how ELKAtherm® electric heating can transform your church.

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Electric heating specified correctly will give you maximum efficiency and save you money on running costs that’s why we carry out an on-site survey. To back this up you can trust us to keep you warm as our electric heating comes with a 200-day warmth promise!

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