Electric Heating Vs Gas Central Heating Which Is Better

Electric Heating Vs Gas Central Heating? If your current Gas Central Heating system is in need of replacing you could be wondering if Electric Heating is a viable option to heat your home?

For many years Gas Central heating has been considered the king of heating in the UK. We have a well supported national Gas network and relatively low unit costs. In the past Electric heating was only for people off the gas grid or apartments where gas couldn’t be installed. Moving away from Gas would seem unthinkable, but you would be mistaken.

You only have to look back to recent heating history to see that the way that we heat our homes has changed dramatically. In less than 100 years we have seen paraffin heaters, coal-fired heating and two-bar electric fires. These technologies have come and gone. As the world’s gas supplies dwindle and our investment in renewable energy increases the future of Gas Central Heating is suddenly in question?

If you just Google ‘no more gas boilers’. It is well documented by news sources including the Guardian & the BBC that there is legislation for no more gas boilers to be installed in new homes after 2025. This is in an effort to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and lower our carbon emissions. With these kinds of targets, it’s not that difficult to imagine that we will see an end to gas central heating in our lifetime.

So with this in mind, there really is a case for Electric Heating Vs Gas Central Heating.

Electric storage heaters

Electric Heating Vs Gas Central Heating On Efficiency

An A-rated Gas Boiler works at around 90-92% efficiency. Also, the nature of a central heating system pushing heated water through pipes means there are lost efficiencies. You will find the radiators closest to the boiler the warmest. However in many properties the further away you get the cooler the radiators are. This is because as the heater water travels it cools causing inefficiency in the system.

Compare this with Ceramic Core Electric Heating which is 100% efficient at the point of use. Which modular electric heating there is no loss in efficiency. There is no pipework and distance to travel therefore no loss of energy before getting to the heater.

Despite the ability to gain some control from thermostatic radiator valves generally with Gas central heating, most people turn the whole house on or have the whole house off. This can be very wasteful. If you think of how many rooms you are using at any one time. Ceramic Core Electric Heating is modular and so can be time and temperature controlled in each room. Allowing you to have different times and temperatures in different rooms giving you control of the efficiency of your system.

Electric Heating Vs Gas Central Heating On Maintenance.

One of the major advantages of electric heating over gas central heating is that there are no maintenance or servicing costs. Electric Heating is very clean and safe. Once it is installed there is no requirement for annual maintenance and servicing giving you peace of mind. Ceramic Core Electric Heating has no pipework as a result of this there is no risk of leaks which can cause damage to your property. Find out more about the electric heating that we offer from our features page.

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Electric heating specified correctly will give you maximum efficiency and save you money on running costs that’s why we carry out an on-site survey. To back this up you can trust us to keep you warm as our electric heating comes with a 200-day warmth promise!

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