Case Study Review – Penny from Blackburn

North West Heating Solutions are Which Trusted Trader accredited.

As a Which Trusted Trader, we feel this is really important to give customers confidence in the company they are choosing.

In order to do this, we encourage customers to review our service through the Which Trusted Traders website which is completely independent but also we like to share our customer experiences where we can.

Our customer Penny from Blackburn had her ELKAtherm electric heating installed during summer 2018 and was kind enough to share her experiences with us about her search new heating.

Our Old Heating

“We had used Economy 7 storage heating for many years. It was becoming ineffective and had never really done the job if I am honest.

Storage heaters are very bulky, don’t look very nice and don’t heat and keep the room warm when you need it. Plus I had to use my gas fires as secondary heating.”

Why North West Heating Solutions?

Penny had heard of ceramic core electric heating previously and when the time came she knew that she didn’t want to install gas. From searching online Penny found North West Heating Solutions.

“After researching several other companies we decided that North West Heating was coming out on top with reviews.

I booked the consultation which went really smoothly. Ian explained everything going through it all in great detail, explaining the whole process from start to finnish.”

The Installation From North West Heating

“The guys that fitted it were brilliant explaining everything going through the whole process of setting it up, setting times and how easy it is to set a temperature and just switch on/off when required. The heaters looked fabulous and the fact that they could be installed and working within a day was another great pointer. We have not had to redecorate or make any alterations after the installation.”

A Million Times Better Than What We Had Before……………

“We are extremley happy. Definatley worth the investment we have made. I would not hesitate to give the highest of recomendations. I am astounded at the comfort of the heat and the ease of use of these heaters. They are fantastic. Having complete encapsulating warmth is amazing.”