Best Electric Heating For Flats

Best Electric Heating For Flats

For residents in flats or apartments electric is quite often the only choice for their heating. For people prehaphs used to Gas central heating it can be confusing what the best electric heating for a flat might be. We have put together some information to try and clear up some of the myths around electric heating and help you when looking at electric heating for your flat or apartment.

Myths About Electric Heating For Flats

One of the most common misconceptions about electric heating is that it is inefficient and all electric heating is the same. So you could be left thinking that the electric heating for your flat is going to cost you a fortune to run and there isn’t much that you can do about it?

Most electric heating for flats will either be old Night Storage Heaters or basic panel heaters. Both of these contribute to some of the negativity towards electric heating.

Electric Heating For Flats – Storage Heating

Storage heaters are hefty lumps containng bricks, usually these will be on a special night/day tarriff known as economy 7. The idea of traditional Night Storage Heaters is that they charge up the bricks inside over the 7 hour night time period and then release this stored heat gradually over the next day. The trouble with night storage heating is that they are vey unresponsive so you can’t get heat when you need, quite often especially if your storage heaters are old the charged energy from the night time period will be running out by late afternoon when you start to need the heat most. One of the biggest disadvantages in a flat or apartment of storage heating is the morning period are the hottest when they are full of charge. This heat can be stifling and difficult to bare. A storage heater also has very little in the way of heat distribution design so you will find the heat sits near the heater and doesn’t get distributed round the room well. Poorly distributed heat can leave your flat with cold spots not getting your home comfy and cosy.

Electric Heating For Flats – Panel Heaters

Some flats operate either entirley on electric panel heaters or may contain panel heaters in rooms that are used less often like bedrooms. Panel heaters are not the best electric heating for flats as they are not very advance technology and give poor efficiencies and running costs. Electric panel heaters have an electric element a bit like a toaster that runs at a very high temperature within a thin metal casing. The issue with this is that because there is no storage of heat or any great way of distributing it round the room it tends to continuously chew through electric. This can be very expensive to ru. Also you will find that as soon as the unit switches off the room will very quickly get cold. This sudden reduction in tempurature can leave you feeling the chill and reaching to turn up that temperature again costing you more money.

So if you need electric heating for a flat what is the best option?

Electric Heating For Flats – Ceramic Core Heating

A modern replacement for night storage heating which is a very popular alternative electric heating for flats is ceramic core heaters. This technology has been engineered over the years in Germany to maximise its efficiencies and keep running costs to a minimum. These german electric heating systems combine the benifits of being able to store heat with a rapid response which is thermostatically controlled.

These heaters have an embeded element inside a clay core which heats up in just 5 minutes giving you a warm room within the first half hour of use. This is comparible with Gas central heating systems. Once the heater is up to temperature the thermostatic control works to maintain the requested temperature. Modulating the power to maintain the heat in the core of the unit gives excellent running costs as the heater is not constantly drawing electricity.

ELKAtherm® who have been manufacturing electric heating in Germany for 60 years have developed their heating design to give maximum heat distribution. The deeply fluted design with 5x surface area gives an excellent combination of radiated and naturally convected heat so you don’t get cold spots within the room.

Fluted design electric heating for flats

Electric Heating For Flats – Controllability

Controllability is one of the most important factors to keep running costs of your electric heating system to a minimum.

ELKAtherm® electric heating systems are modular so you can control the electric heating in your flat room by room. This allows you to reduce temperatures and therefore consumption in rooms that are not being use and concentrate heat in rooms which are being used. ELKAtherm® offer a range of controls for their electric heating. You can choose the best control system for your lifestyle. To make the most of the electric heating for flats we recomend installing your heating with Heat App. The allows you to control the heating in each room by an app on your phone or tablet. The app can control your heating from anywhere in the world. Check out our electric heating review from one of our customers using ELKAtherm® electric heating and HeatApp in their Liverpool city centre apartment.


Electric heating specified correctly will give you maximum efficiency and save you money on running costs that’s why we carry out an on-site survey. To back this up you can trust us to keep you warm as our electric heating comes with a 200-day warmth promise!

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