Church Of St Elisabeth The New Martyr

St Elisabeth’s Church Wallasey is a Russian Orthadox Church. The old infrared heating system was outdated and extremely ineffectual giving little heat to the congregation.

This is a very well attended Church but uncomfortably cold on winter days and the worshippers were praying for some greater creature comforts especially for the younger ones attending Sunday school. We installed a number of ELKATHERM® electric heaters around the building and new electrical wiring because the old circuitry wasn’t fit for purpose. The outcome is a nicer looking Church with much more modern and energy efficient electric heating that is eco friendly and welcomes people into Church because the building is pre-heated before the service begins on automatic temperature controlled time program.

Churches are perhaps the most difficult of all buildings to heat and we have done many over the last few years, this is testament to the efficiency of our ELKATHERM® electric radiators which are extremely capable in most environments.