Common questions

As we travel around North West England and North Wales talking to customers and carrying out our free surveys, we often get asked many of the same questions.  It’s the things people want to know that helps them decide whether to invest in our electric heating systems. This page seeks to provide answers to those common questions but if you have any other questions please feel free to get in touch with us here.

How much will your electric heating cost to buy?

Roughly the same as any other decent form of permanent heating system. Investing wisely in cost effective, energy efficient heating is considered as money well spent.

Why not buy really cheap electric heaters from a DIY store?

Because “cheap to buy” temporary electric heaters don’t last or look good, can be a danger hazard and are usually costly to run.

Why not buy cheap electric heaters online?

Because you can’t get to see what you are buying, they don’t survey, they won’t service and rarely give any kind of heat guarantee, they are cheap for good reason.

I live on my own. Would it help to have a friend or relative at the survey?

YES, two heads can be better than one, particularly if they want to help you with questions and be objective in helping you reach a decision.

How much will your heaters cost to run?

In a well-insulated property our 2KW lounge heater will cost around only 8p per hour to run even on a very cold winter’s day.

Does insulation help?

YES, good loft insultation, double-glazing and draught proofing is essential to help cut heating bills, no matter what type of new heating you choose.