Church Electric Heating Installation

Our ELKAtherm Electric Heating is installed and used in many applications, not just domestic homes. We recently visited a customer of ours in Llanfair DC who had our ELKAtherm electric radiators installed in November 2017. The team went back to see how this church electric heating system was performing more than 12 months later.

Church Electric Heating

Updating Church Electric Heating – The Requirements

Martin contacted North West Heating Solutions looking to update the old electric heating system in their church. He explained that there was no gas available to the village and they didn’t want to go for oil.

As with most churches, the space is very large and mainly open plan with no insulation. Because of these conditions in the church electric heating is a challenge. The building is not used all the time, therefore the electric heating needed to maintain background temperature which could be easily raised. Likewise, when different activities within the church take place they need the ability to heat a small area.

The committee was making the final decision, therefore, everybody needed to be confident in the choices made.

The heating system needs to not only heat the property furthermore they need to try and keep annual running costs to £5000.00

Proposed Electric Heating Solution

Church Electric Heating ELKAtherm

A mixture of movable and wall mounted electric heaters. To accommodate the requirement of flexibility in the heating we suggested a mixture of ELKAtherm electric radiators. By wall mounting some and making others movable on castors, the church could maximise the usability of the building. The flexibility in where and where can be heated maximises the electric heating systems efficiency.

Electric Heating Control – Using Heat App

All our electric heating is thermostatically controlled therefore gives the ability to control both time and temperature. We designed the Heat App system so that the heating was split into different zones allowing even more control. Each zone can be programmed depending on the requirement of that time and day.

We also configured the heating app to allow remote access, as a result, the temperature of the church could be adjusted without visiting the site.

By only using the electric heating when required and by keeping a background temperature this eases the load on the power required.

Giving maximum controllability of the heating system helps our client manage their running costs.

Electric Heating Specification and Placement

Our electric heating works through both natural convection and radiated heat. ELKAtherm radiators are very deeply fluted therefore have a large surface area for maximum heat distribution. This surface is the reason the radiator is able to project heat such a good distance. We specified our larger radiator casing sizes to give even more heat distribution. The heaters were also located in positions where people most needed help.

Well specified heating ensures that the technology works to its maximum efficiency, as a result, helping minimise running costs. This is essential in creating an effective system for the customer. Poorly specified heating or guesswork can lead to a loss in potential efficiencies.

Electric Heating System Confidence

We were confident that we could provide an electric heating system that would give the comfortable warmth. Above all, we understood that we needed to give confidence to the entire committee.

To do this we arranged for a couple of members of the committee to visit an existing customer installation. This was a similar type of property who therefore had similar requirements to the church.

Church Electric Heating Guarantee

Our ELKAtherm electric heating systems come with a 25-year warranty on the main body for peace of mind. Our electronics are also guaranteed for 4 years, this is twice the industry standard.

Electric Heating Installation Result

The committee were happy with the proposal so decided to go ahead with the ELKAtherm electric heating system. Our team installed all 10 heaters and the app system in just one day.

Check out the video below to see our clients comments about using North West Heating Solutions. Martin talks about the difference upgrading their church electric heating to ELKAtherm radiators has made the church community.

We are so happy that the installation is working well within the church and as a result, have been able to achieve a £500.00 lower bill than budgeted despite last years extremely cold winter.Church Electric Heating Running Costs

North West Heating Solutions Service

North West Heating Solutions offer Electric Heating suitable in many applications. It may be just one heater that you require for additional heat or maybe an extension/conservatory.

From small flats to large houses we can find an electric heating solution for you. We also specify for larger projects whether they are domestic or commercial. Our team carry out electric heating installations in offices, community centres, restaurants and bars to name a few.

We pride ourselves on listening to the needs of our customers. Specifying heating that is right for you and your environment, so you can trust you’re making the right decision.

If you have a space that needs heating large or small then please get in touch. We will be more than happy to send you a free information pack and answer any questions that you have. Our free survey to ensures we specify your heating correctly without guesswork.

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Check Out our gallery to see examples of our ELKAtherm electric heaters.

Electric Church Heating Product Developments

We’ve been fine tuning our range of ELKAtherm electric heating range. Helping our customers get an installation that best meets their needs.

Check out our new under pew electric heating range


Electric heating specified correctly will give you maximum efficiency and save you money on running costs that’s why we carry out an on-site survey. To back this up you can trust us to keep you warm as our electric heating comes with a 200-day warmth promise!

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