Retirement Home heating

Choosing The Perfect Heating For Retirement Homes & Villages

Choosing the perfect heating for retirement homes & villages can be some what challenging. You’ll want a system that is efficient, effective and in keeping with the style of the property. You’ll also have to consider the occupants needs whilst choosing your solution. Whichever heating system you go with need’s to be easy to use and of course safe for the residents. Care home managers are often trying to balance all of these traits when it comes to heating and if the perfect solution was to arise then it should not be ignored.  


ELKAtherm electric heating systems 

ELKAtherm Heaters might just be the perfect solution you are looking for. Our ELKAtherm systems are fully controllable by analogue, digital, remote or an easy to use dial. They come in 60 different sizes and there are over 200 colours to choose from so you can find a style to suit your retirement property.  

Most importantly, we put your occupant’s safety first and eliminate risk by providing a full service fitting with fully trained electricians installing your system ensuring that it is wired correctly and safely. Plus all of our ELKAtherm heaters are subject to extensive VDE testing. These tests comply with globally recognised standards, testing, and control procedures.  


Our Work At Fountains 

At North West Heating Solutions we ensure that all of the work we carry out is the optimal solution for the job. And that’s why we use ELKAtherm heaters in most situations as there’s so many different options. 

When finding the perfect heating for retirement homes we highly recommended ELKAtherm heaters as there’s a size for any space and colour for any room. Take a look for yourself, in this video you can see how we upgraded the Fountains residential home from old and ugly storage heaters to our new stylish ELKAtherm electric heaters. 

With our FREE home survey you’ve got nothing to lose and a lot to gain. Our commitment to our customers is to ensure they are warm and have an electric heating system which is easy for them to use and offers low running costs.  Therefore, in order to do this, we offer a free home survey that includes our heating surveyor checking room sizes, insulation levels, glazing and will also assess the electrics, to ensure that we specify a heating system that meets your property’s requirements.