ELKATHERM® offers so much choice that your options are endless.

When it comes to electric heating, our passion is not only to give you the highly efficient German engineered electric heating, but also to offer you a wide choice of options with your heating from different shapes and sizes to colours and different control systems. All this ensures we supply you with a heating system which is truly tailored to suit your needs and your lifestyle. This adds value to your finished project way more than settling for cheap bog standard. If you have any questions regarding the choices available please feel free to get in touch with us here.

Radiator sizes

North West Heating Solutions offer a range of radiator sizes to make sure your electric central heating fits around you – not the other way around. There are three different sizes ranges of electric radiator, tall, standard and low. We also offer two core depths both slimline 20mm or 40mm.

With power outputs from 500 to 3000 watts, you can expect maximum performance throughout your home without having to compromise. With all this choice you can expect maximum performance throughout your home without having to compromise.

Don’t worry, we always survey your property first to make sure we get the specification just right.


Our Standard Radiators are the perfect solution to any room in your house. They come in 5 sizes and are the perfect replacement for your old night storage heaters.


Our Compact Radiators offer the perfect solution to rooms in your home with large windows and low walls. We typically install these heaters in conservatories.


The Ultra Compact Radiators are designed to heat rooms with floor to ceiling windows and small spaces. With a height of just 24cm they’re perfect for utilising the space you have.


The Tall Radiators with a height of 122cm are designed to heat places such as kitchens and bathrooms where a tall vertical look suits the room, these offer a stylish contemporary look.

Dual Core

The Duel Core Radiators are designed to heat rooms with limited wall space or a requirement for extra power. With two banks of heat core and three banks of flutes they are most capable indeed.